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Below are links to all of the official College Board SAT Practice Tests.


You should be extremely careful before using these up. As you can see the materials are very limited (as of the end of 2016, there are only six official SAT Practice Tests). Consequently, as these are by far the highest quality practice materials available, you will want to ensure that you get maximum value out of each test before going on to the next.

I’ve included links for the tests, the essays, the answer sheets and the answer keys. However, I intentionally excluded the links to the College Board’s detailed explanations, for one simple reason. Despite being the source of the best practice materials, the College Board is absolutely not the source of the best test taking strategies. So you can rely on its tests, but don’t rely on its advice.

I’ve also included the Practice PSAT/NMSQT Tests, as those are essentially identical, minus the essay.

A few more thoughts about the tests before you dive in:

Do the tests on paper

Print them out. Don’t do them on a computer. Don’t kid yourself; it’s not the same.

Time yourself

You’ll need pencils, a calculator, and timer to take the tests. If you’re not going to time yourself, then don’t bother.

Have Fun!

Just kidding. Heh